Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wanted: An invention

Scene 1: The signal is red. The digital counter says there are 96 seconds to go before the lights change. A taxi guy some three vehicles deep is honking.
My reaction: To go up to the obviously blind driver, shake him by the shoulder and scream "why why why???" Ummm... no, actually, I only think I should do that, don’t ever do it.

Scene 2: It’s a oneway. Traffic at snail’s pace. Everyone headed in the same direction. A moron in an SUV with horns blaring and lights flashing trying to nudge you out of the way. And you stuck with nowhere to move, no space to give way.
My reaction: To march up to the chap (the traffic is anyway nearly at a standstill), drag out the driver, point out the lack of space and scream "where the hell do you want to go???" Again, that is only what I should be doing, not what I do.

Someone please explain to me -- why do people honk like this? It can’t always be an emergency and a case of life and death. Also, can someone please invent a vehicle armour that will reflect all the sound waves produced by a horn back to the source? At least then the horn happy buggers will realise what they are doing.

Monday, May 29, 2006


The wind has in it a hint of chill carried over from far away lands. Smoky clouds line the sky at all times. My plants have all inclined to one side, having finally given up the battle of standing straight against the beating wind. Clear signs that it is MONSOON!! Couldn't be sooner! :)
What is it about the monsoon and the homesick mind? Maybe because it never rains anywhere like it rains back home. No sight will be as enticing as water collecting under the mango tree in the front yard, as seen from the window of your cosy room. No where else will you find a similar green, as seen from the terrace of my home after a shower.
But twirling my umbrella and plodding along MG Road, unwittingly caught in a channel of filthy water gushing to meet more filthy water, I can't but hum. It is, after all, monsoon.
Talking of monsoon, there was recently a photo exhibition of rains in the Malabar region of Kerala. Photographs by my friend, NP Jayan. Read about it here, and take a look at his work here.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kick off

After hours and hours of reading blogs, wondering about the people behind the blogs, about how much the blog spoke of the person, I finally give in to temptation, peer pressure, and all the rest of it. Have roped in unsuspecting San also into it. :)
Hmmm... Let's see where this goes from here.