Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Water bottle philosophy

Frequent flier that S is, the house at any point has a collection of at least six tiny airline water bottles. The latest two in the collection are truly worth keeping. It comes with its own philosophy. These are those pink Himalayan bottles, which Tata has redesigned and all. So I suppose some frustrated philosopher felt the need to inflict his thoughts on the world.

Anyway, here goes Bottle 1:

"I grew up in a world where Ayurveda came without labels attached. Where water was filled with natural minerals like sodium and calcium. In keeping with the times, we've just put a label on it."

Even better is Bottle 2:

"I look back on life -- it's funny how things turn out. You, a connoisseur of fast food, now gaze at water that took years to make. And I, some of the purest water in the world, stand here, trapped in a bottle. Come, enjoy the irony."

How could one drink it after all that...? I felt I should set it free or something...

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Abhipraya said...

so it takes supposed philosophy on a water bottle to get you writing eh :)